Faculty of Engineering

Assistant Professor
Phone: +961-9-218950 (ext. 2518)
E mail: djawad@ndu.edu.lb


Dima Jawad has more than 8 years of experience in graduate and undergraduate teaching and research. Her area of research covers transportation engineering, economic evaluation of infrastructure projects, life cycle cost analysis and sustainable urban development and sustainability education. She has also several years of experience in the industry, and has worked as a consultant for the public sector in areas of urban infrastructure and cultural heritage as well as the World Bank projects via the Council of Development and Reconstruction in Lebanon between year 2003 and 2007. Since then, Dr Jawad, in parallel with academic activities has been consulting on traffic studies in the Gulf especially in the UAE.

Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, Rutgers University, USA, 2003

M.S. in Urban Planning, Rutgers University, USA, 2000

Refereed Journal Articles

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Conference Proceedings

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