The Degree of Bachelor of Arts in Music
Jazz Music Emphasis

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Musicology offers the students the opportunity to develop competence and expertise in the areas of music, history, theory, analysis, and composition. Learners will further acquire professional skills in voice and instrument playing. In addition, the B.A. in Music presents many interesting and challenging opportunities to students as teachers, performers, creative artists, and employees in the music industry.

Learning Objectives
The main objectives of a Major in Musicology offered at the Faculty of Architecture, Art and Design (FAAD) are:

  • Providing the students with knowledge of music cultural heritage and history;
  • Appreciating musical creativity and the aesthetic value of music;
  • Developing the necessary skills of students to meet professional teaching and performing standards in the music field; and
  • Familiarizing learners with diversity of musical ideas and styles throughout the world’s cultures.

Program Learning Outcome
Musicology graduates will:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of music history, theory, analysis, performance, and composition;
  • Acquire high technical skills, growth in musical interpretation and artistry;
  • Develop the ability of arranging, improvising, and conducting ensembles of classic and jazz music;
  • Express a competency in musicology culture and ethnomusicology; and
  • Manipulate with both electronic and acoustic media.

Admission Requirements
In addition to the University admission requirements, prospective candidates must complete any remedial English course(s), during their first year of enrollment. Students who fail to meet these requirements will not be allowed to proceed to the degree courses in Jazz Music and other majors in the Departments of the Faculty of Architecture, Art & Design.

Also, prior to admission, applicants will be subject to a practical evaluation, which covers instrument, voice and musical background.

Graduation Requirements
To receive the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Music – Jazz Music Concentration, a student must complete a total of 99 credits with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.3/4.0 in Major and Core Requirements. Any major course with a grade of less than C- must be repeated. The 99 credits necessary for graduation are divided as follows:

General Education Requirements (GER) (30 cr.)

The GER are distributed as follows:

Communication Skills in English: ENL 213 & ENL 223 or ENL 230 (6 cr.)
Communication Skills in Arabic, One course from: ARB 211, ARB 212, ARB 224, ARB 231, ARB 317 (3 cr.)
Religion, One course from: REG 212, REG 213, REG 313, REG 314 (3 cr.)
Philosophy, One course from: ENS 205, PHL 211, PHL 311, POS 345 (3 cr.)
Cultural Studies, Two courses from: ARP 215, BAD 201, COA 315, COA 359, ECN 200, ECN 211, ECN 212, FAP 215, HUT 305, HUT 306, MUS 210, PSL 201, SOL 201, SOL 301, NTR 215 (6 cr.)
Citizenship, one course from: HIT 211, IAF 301, POS 201, POS 210, POS 240, POS 319, POS 337 (3 cr.)
Science and Technology, two courses from: AST 201, BIO 202, BIO 203, CHM 211, CSC 201, ENS 201, ENS 202, ENS 206, HEA 201, MAT 201, MAT 202, MAT 211, NTR 201, PHS 211, STA 202, STA 210, PHS 207 (6 cr.)

Major Requirements (33 cr.)

MUA 222, MUS 211, MUS 221, MUS 222, MUS 223, MUS 228,, MUS 229 MUS 232, MUS 233, MUS 243, MUS 331, MUS 341, MUS 342, MUS 343, MUS 352, MUS 353, MUS 382, MUS 441, MUS 451, MUS 452, MUS 453, MUS 462, MUS 463.

Concentration (30 cr.)

MUJ 342, MUJ 352, MUJ 311, MUJ 322,MUJ 411, MUJ 422, MUJ 324, MUJ 325, MUJ 434, MUJ 435, MUJ 474, MUJ 475, MUJ 345, MUJ 485, MUJ 486, MUJ 494, MUJ 495, MUJ 356, MUJ 355, MUJ 464.

Free Electives (6 cr.)