Faculty of Architecture, Art & Design
hIstorical overview

In September 1987, NDU started its ‘Visual Arts’ programs with the Faculty of Humanities. During the years 1995-1998, the only two degrees in Visual Arts; which we offered then; Graphic Design and Interior Design, were redesigned to provide for an international and professional (vocational) education.
Consequently, the number of enrolled students multiplied (from eighty five students in the year 1995 to two hundred seventy five in 1998).

In September 1999, the Faculty of Architecture, Art and Design was founded and ever since then the FAAD has evolved from two different Departments, Visual Arts and Architecture, and from two different Faculties, Humanities and Engineering, into a unique, growing and independent Faculty housing four Departments with their respective and varied undergraduate and graduate majors.

Today, the Faculty awards a variety of degrees along with a range of disciplines at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Currently, the Faculty handbook lists eleven different titles at the undergraduate level and four at the graduate one. Of these, only seven bachelor degrees and two master degrees have been offered.

As a matter of fact, the FAAD now comprises of four departments with an enrollment of 314 (three hundred fourteen) students composed of:

  • 308 (three hundred eight) undergraduates
  • 6 (six) graduates.

Also, the Faculty has employed 65 (sixty five) faculty members consisting of two groups: full time faculty members, part-time faculty members as well as co-academic and staff members.

Currently the Faculty is equipped with academic resources such as Smart Rooms, Design Studios, Architecture Computer Workshop, Wood/Metal Workshop, Exhibition Room, Conference Room, Projects Store Room, Photography Lab, Dark Rooms, Mackintosh Lab, Textile Lab and Ceramics Lab.

Deans of the Faculty of Architecture, Art & Design

Dr. Nadim Karam 2000-2003
Dr. Shehwan Khoury (Acting Dean) 2003-2004
Dr. Assaad Eid 2004-2007
Mr. Habib Melki (Acting Dean) 2007-2012
Dr. Jean-Pierre El Asmar (Dean) 2012-present