The Department of Architecture has accepted the challenge of meeting the highest standards within the international academic framework while seeking international accreditation. This encounter provides room for rich exchange and the basis for academic insight and advancement. Bearing in mind the rate at which technology is developing, questions that should address both instructors and students are: how can we continue to provide new generations with information that will become obsolete in a few decades? Or where do students see themselves twenty years from now, supposedly at their career’s peek? 

A new educational approach is needed; a sustainable attitude that will allow new programs to be flexible and adaptable to the future’s specific ever changing demands. This will consist of an introduction to programs with emphasis on critical thinking utilizing visual, graphic, written analysis and applying the pragmatic rules themselves, considering that trial and error will occur and strengthen basic knowledge in depth. All these elements will be emphasized in preparing individuals in their pursued careers. When it comes to research, both teachers and students are encouraged to explore and exchange rich and extensive resources. The wide range of information and future opportunities will remain a permanent source for stimulating constructive criticism and critical thinking, in order to enhance methods of teaching and achieving academic excellence.

Finally, as educators, we have a role to play in shaping societies that adapt and adjust to changing times. Our ethical and moral involvement in the teaching process does not end where our jobs begin. On the contrary, it moves with the same passion, motivation and principles to guide the creative and professional individuals that come to NDU seeking education. The success of such endeavors, whether on the educational or social, local or international levels, requires commitment, patience and hard work. Through cooperation, we can ensure continuity and growth to achieve the kind of prosperity and achievement the Architecture Department-NDU is gaining reputation for.

Habib H. Melki - Associate Professor
Architecture Department Chairperson
FAAD - Faculty of Architecture Art & Design
Notre Dame University - Louaize