Course Material Information

Course Number, Title & Credits

MAT 215
Linear Algebra I
3 cr.
Official Course Code (Number Abbreviation)
Official Course Title
The first component of the above ordered pair designates the number of lecture hours/ week.The second component is the number of laboratory hours/week.
Number of credits (cr) earned if course is successfully completed.

Lecture hours/week is a period of 50 minutes duration.

Credits are based upon the number of 50 minute periods scheduled weekly during one semester or summer session. One credit signifies a minimum of either a 50-minute period of class work, or 2-3 hours of laboratory over a period of 15 weeks or its equivalent.

Digits Course Number

First Digit

0 Non Credit Remedial Courses Year 0
1 Freshman Course Year 1
2 Sophomore Course Year 2
3 Junior Course Year 3
4 Senior Course (Undergraduate Only) Year 4
5 Courses that are considered preparatory for graduate studies. When passed, their credits should not be counted in the total of credits required for graduation and they should be completed during the first academic year. Year 5
6 or Higher Graduate Course Year 6

Second Digit for Undergraduate and Possibly Graduate Courses

0 Basic Level Course
1 Elementary Level Course
2-4 Intermediate Level Course.
5 Advanced Level Course.
6 Special Topics or Practicum I
7 Laboratory Workshop, or Practicum II
8 Seminar or Internship.
9 Senior Study; Senior Project, Thesis or Research Project.

Third Digit
Any digit ranging from 0 to 9.

Prerequisite & Corequisite

A prerequisite is a course which must have been completed before registering for the subject course.

A corequisite is a course which must be completed before registering for the subject course, or a course which may be taken concurrently.