This sections set forth highlight the various NDU’s services and facilities rendered to students, faculty members, and staff.

Educational Facilities
Students at NDU enjoy access to a vast array of educational services and facilities. For instances, the library renders a host of services that facilitate students’ research projects through the online database system through subscription to reputable referred journals in different fields and specialized academic books and primary resources that can be accessed on-campus and off-campus through the online database system.

NDU has newly constructed modern labs for students to engage in experimentation and research. Prospective students enjoy campus tours and admission career guidance services. Once enrolled, students benefit from academic advising before and during their enrollment. Moreover, the University’s modern cafeteria with its distinctive location on top of a precipice overlooking the Dog River, receives hospitality management students for training and internship.

Recreational Facilities
Notre Dame University - Louaize has recently established a complex of sports and recreational facilities including outdoor tennis courts, basket and volley ball grounds and indoor sport facilities that encourage student and community involvement in sports, recreation and profitable use of their leisure time.

Pastoral Work
NDU believes that the spiritual dimension of human development should grow together with all other areas of interest to the University environment. It seeks to instill in the University community a deep concern for the rights and dignity of the human person, especially the poor and most vulnerable.

Supported by five full-time campus ministers, the pastoral work celebrates masses and religious services daily at convenient hours in the University Chapel, organizes several week-end spiritual retreats conducted by student leaders, and invites lecturers on spiritual issues, initiates gospel discussions and organizes social activities. Thus, the pastoral work at NDU caters for the religious, personal and moral concerns of the University community.

Medical Facilities
NDU renders on-campus medical services to students, staff and faculty members. These services include medical checkups, laboratory tests and medication.

Student Life
Students at NDU enjoy a vibrant campus life including a variety of social, academic and recreational activities needed for their healthy social, psychological, and physical development. Students organize themselves in clubs on a yearly basis. These clubs initiate and organize social, recreational and national activities on campus as guided by the University’s mission and core values and supported by the Student Affairs Office (SAO).

Virtually all the services rendered by the University have their impact on students who join NDU.