Identity, Mission, Vision & Core Values


NDU is a Lebanese private, non-profit, Catholic institution of higher education, which adopts the American model of liberal arts education. NDU offers quality instruction at a variety of degree levels and offers opportunities for research in various fields of interest for Lebanese and foreign students alike in a spirit of openness that embraces all cultures, regardless of race, gender, color, religion, or sect.


As a Catholic institution inspired by the cultural and spiritual heritage of the Maronite Order of the Holy Virgin Mary, NDU seeks to provide comprehensive quality education that fosters excellence in scholarship, lifelong learning, enlightened citizenship, human solidarity, moral integrity, and belief in God. In designing its curricula, NDU is committed to the philosophy and standards of the American model of liberal arts education. Conceiving itself as an authentic academic community, NDU promotes diversity, respect for human dignity and rights, and concern for the common good. Its profound aspiration is to prepare its students to be future leaders who can exercise reason upon knowledge and shape a world of truth, justice, love, and freedom.


NDU’s vision is to:

  • Become the choice Catholic University in Lebanon, furnishing students with the finest faculty and comprehensive curriculum in the Maronite tradition.
  • Provide a highly personalized academic experience to our graduate and undergraduate students.
  • Integrate a strong, interdisciplinary, liberal arts core with degree-granting programs providing preparation for professional careers and graduate studies.
  • Excel in selected specialty areas, including signature programs that augment reputation and serve as models for the delivery of educational development at the University.
  • Foresee the changing needs with time and develop programs and utilize technologies consistent with those needs.
  • Create and sustain a community in which all aspects of university life are a reflection of its values.

As a Catholic university in the Maronite tradition, NDU is determined to practice those core values that respect humanity and the dignity of the individual, that help students on their life path of learning, and that allow them to discover their talents through cooperation while they look for truth, for individual empowerment and for the enhancement of the world around them. Accordingly, they dedicate themselves to the following core values:

Faith – As a Catholic university, NDU highlights a strong belief in spiritual motivation and education as a vehicle for a better and more just society.

Excellence – In all activities of University life – teaching, scholarship, service etc. – NDU strives to be a center of quality education.

Scholarship – To seek the truth, with a sense of discovery, through informed and rigorous scholarship, will place NDU among the top ranking regional universities.

Freedom – Of thought and expression; NDU commits itself to engage and enhance intellectual inquiry in the pursuit of truth through teaching students how to learn, how to think critically, how to conduct responsible research, and how to access and integrate information in preparation for career development and personal growth.

Integrity – Teaching, scholarship, and student service within the University community is characterized by intellectual honesty and a sense of personal morality.

Service – NDU is committed to serve not only its students, faculty and employees, but also society at large.

Diversity – Empathy, tolerance and respect for all people is essential to any University community. NDU encourages students to understand and appreciate the diversity of cultures which exist locally, nationally, and internationally. It also seeks to promote appreciation of diversity through an understanding of the impact of human beings on their environment.

Learning for Life – In the tradition of a Catholic liberal arts education, NDU commits itself to lifelong learning, encourages personal responsibility, develops spiritual values, and affirms a philosophy of life which actively supports global economic equity, social justice, and human rights.