Notre Dame University-Louaize (NDU)
In the Fall of 2009, Edward J. Alam, a Full Professor in the Faculty of the Humanities, and long time teacher at NDU was asked by the founder and President of the CRVP, Professor Emeritus George F. McLean, to become the CRVP General Secretary, which he graciously accepted with the enthusiastic support and encouragement of NDU's President, the Reverend Father Dr. Walid Moussa.

Thus, in addition to the first base of operation in Washington D.C. on the campus of the Catholic University of America, the CRVP established a second major base of operation on the campus of NDU in Lebanon
- To understand and appreciate one’s own culture and the values
that shape aspirations and motivate actions.
- To understand other cultures and to develop a positive yet critical
appreciation thereof.
- To build cooperation among peoples by healing deep tensions and
promoting peace and cooperation on a global scale.


- To mobilize research teams to study the nature, interpretation
and development of cultures and to apply them to the challenges
of contemporary change.
- To publish and distribute the results of these efforts.
- To organize extended seminars for deeper exploration of these issues
and regional conferences for the coordination of this work.